St Paul’s Cathedral, London. Been wanting to photograph the cathedral and the area at dusk for a long time, finally got my chance on my last visit over.
Wheat… love the simplicity of this.
Can’t resist a big poofy dahlia! This one looks like it got on the dip dyed hair trend.

Anonymous said: Just like to let you know how I can hardly contain myself from falling in love with every single one of your photos!! *swoon* thankyou and keep posting lovely images.

Awe, thank you so much! <3

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St Paul&#8217;s Cathedral, London. Reflected in the wet pavement on a rainy day.
My newest marshmallow scene - gotta get to the hot cocoa! Want to help me title it?
This is probably end up in the 2015 Marshmallow Microcosm calendar. I&#8217;ve got a Kickstarter running now to get the funds for printing and materials!
Just a bit of cuteness overload to start off the morning.
Tower of London - in all its panoramic awesomeness. Been wanting to get this pano for years &amp; finally ran over there a couple weeks ago to get the shots minutes before those dark clouds on the left came over to soak me. Ran for cover to save the camera.
Marshmallow Microcosm 2015 Calendar

The Kickstarter I ran for my 2014 calendar was immensely successful, so I’m at it again for 2015.

The marshmallow scenes are another, more quirky, side to my photography.  

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A terrestrial table globe made in 1588 by the German artist Johann Reinhold.

0viix said: the pictures are very great! good job! :D

thank you so much! :)

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Millennium Bridge leading to St Pauls at sunset. London. File this under &#8220;why photogs shoot during the golden hour&#8221;.
The last photo I took before heading out of London back to TN. The view of London City at dusk from Wapping.
Flowers trying to cheer up the window sill of an old pub in Brighton.
Pastel colored houses lined a street in the seaside city of Brighton, UK.